Code of Conduct

Jet Sport West

When parking on Mangles Beach Please follow the PARKING POLICY for member safety:

Please enter and access the beach driving on the wetline only. Do not drive in the sand bog area. Please drive along the wetline and after unloading or loading your ski pull back up into the sand bog area to park. Please do not drive in the sand bog area to access and or exit the beach.

Here is why this parking policy exists:
1) Not every member owns a 4WD ute and by ensuring everyone has an entry and acccess path on the wetline no one will get stuck trying to drive their vehicle.
2) Kids will be free to roam and play on the wetline when vehicles are not in motion making the wetline as a play area for kids safer and more visible
3) The DOT has requested that we do not damage the vegetation in the sand bog area. Driving in and out of the vegetation does not help.

4) Five meters from the shoreline is five knots and ideal alone the shoreline to your spot on the beack please.

If you see other members not following the parking policy please alert them to the reasons as to why they should. Thanks in advance!

  1. Membership is open to all however the Committee reserves the absolute right to reject any application from new or prior members who have violated the terms or failed to adhere to racing safety conditions at any event.
  2. Membership applications do not automatically guarantee a gate access key - space is limited. No reasonable request will be refused. 
  3. We are united by our common interest in jetskis. Bring only your jetski to Mangles. Leave your problems at the gate.
  4. All members are REQUIRED to affix their member sticker on the front of their vehicle windows at all times. Apart from race days wherein which the gate remains open, no vehicle without a membership sticker is permitted on the beach.
  5. 1 membership means 1 key which means 1 trailer on the beach at anytime for each paid Membership. Have a misses or partner that needs to park on the beach? They are welcome but that still only means 1 trailer on the beach.
  6. There are no “mate’s days”. Got Room”mates” that want to ski? Invite them to join our membership. If they want to bring their ski but don’t want to pay there is a boat ramp. Please direct them there. Mangles beach is open to both members and the public equally. 
  7. The privilege of membership is when all members follow the rules.  See something you don’t like or rules being broken? Dob us in here
  8. Come in anytime after sunrise but leave before the official time of sunset. Members with vehicles before or after may have their privileges revoked.
  9. PLEASE always lock the gate after you come in and after you leave. Apart from official race dates the gate needs to be always locked.
  10. Lose your gate key? $50 is the fee to reissue and I can guarantee you the replacement won’t be quick. Take care of your gate key. Lost keys mean irresponsibility. If we see another member lost key in someone else's possession the member who lost it will have their privileges revoked. 
  11. Please save the beers for after you’ve finished skiing.
  12. If you make trash put in it the nice red bin at the gate when you leave.
  13. The Mangles beach is a PUBLIC beach. Anyone can walk or use it. Respect others who are there enjoying it but not necessarily on a jetski. We don’t own Mangles beach – let’s treat others as guests. A simple wave hello is a nice bonus to them.
  14. Would you like you kids to get hit by a freestyler? If you answer is “no” then think about the kids in the water when you see them. Shut your motor off and freestyle at least 5 meters away from the beach anytime there is a kid in the water.
  15. No 2 skis are alike and neither are 2 riders the same. Race days is where those differences are earned. If you aren’t racing enjoy watching the show but remember social and race riders can’t exist without each other.
  16. Use of Mangles Beach Membership is a privilege. Respecting others and not disparaging the club or members on social media earns us all a badge of honor.
  17. If you think the houseboats like jetskiers speeding past them you can find out how much when the DOT revokes your Skipper's Ticket for doing so. Please observe safe and responsible water use in areas of water residences. 
  18. Members confirm and acknowledge that their membership does not entitle themselves, or any family members regardless of their age, to any benefits to use their membership rights in ways that do not conform to WA's DOT licensing and Marine Police laws. All members are expected to follow whatever rules the DOT or Marine police require for safe water use. Mangles Bay is an area prepared for our youngest riders to learn how to ride and master their ski. Please be aware of their need for patience and safety. 
  19. Have fun but be safe. 

    The Committee, at its own discretion, reserves the right to revoke ANY membership for repeat offenders of the aforementioned terms and conditions.

    Questions about these rules? Ask anytime @


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