Mission Statement

Our Mission is to promote a responsible community of PWC riders who advocate a safe and responsible sharing of recreational water uses within our community

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to continuously grow and improve Jet Sport West’s member involvement through pro-active participation alongside with WA's aquatic leisure communities and government administrators. 

To promote JSW as a reliable advocate and strategic partner of our WA state and local governments for safe water use.

At Jet Sport West we believe our club pride leads in value through adding education to our members and the general public about safe and responsible PWC use. Our club wishes to promote and demonstrate how fun safe waters sports shared in our environment can contribute to a responsible enjoyment and use for all in our community. 

Jet Sport West Core Values

  • Fun & Safety first
  • Zero Environmental Harm side by side with Maximum fun
  • Foster PWC enjoyment only through Safe & Healthy practices
  • Unsafe use of PWC or detriment to the environment any kind will not be tolerated 

Jets Sport West Goals

  • Provide safe and family friendly PWC environment
  • Promote & Grow positive general public awareness about PWC use and benefits
  • Leadership as a professional not for profit organization
  • Promote water sports understanding and safety through education of our members including respect of all in the fishing and boating community 
  • Proactively participate and assist in community events
  • Promote & ensure the financial wellbeing of the club
  • JSW believes PWC is a mainstream sport
  • Provide active involvement for all club members on a recreational and/or competitive level
  • A belief that recreation and competitive riding whilst separate entities are equally important



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