Mangles Bay

Mangles Bay PWC Area is" BLUE SPACE "

This page will contain all the details about getting access to the mangles bay PWC area.

Cost: Access and use is part of your JSW membership. A refundable key deposit $50 will be collected prior to your obtaining the gate key. 


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Vehicle Access to Mangles Bay Beach was closed to the Public by the Department of Transport on November 5th 2014 after the Department of Defense Maintenance compound fence was willfully damaged from a vehicle that rammed their fence from the beach. Jet Sport West made constant contact and wrote continual letters to the Minister for Transport and Minister for Sport to get the facility opened back up to the Public and will continue to do so. The Department of Transport has granted a Lot 1 Pt Peron Road Vehicular access License Deed agreement for AJSBA & Jet Sport West so that we can continue our sport.

Lot 1 Pt Peron Road can be seen in Yellow below

The Department of Transport has requested Association Public Liability insurance for the use of this Lot 1, this Policy costs an annual premium amount.

This License Deed agreement has very strict conditions of use located in our Terms and Conditions here

Jet Sport West has developed a strict Code of Conduct Conditions of use document.

1. Mangles Bay Conditions of Use

Jet Sport West & AJSBA have developed a Risk Assessment worksheet for use of Lot 1 Pt Peron Road.

2. Jet Sport West Mangles Bay Lot 1 Pt Peron Rd Risk Assessment worksheet

Existing Jet Sport West Club Members that wish to gain vehicle access for PWC development and training activities at Mangles Bay must understand this Lot 1 Pt Peron Road Risk Assessment and completely comply to the Conditions of Use document, no exceptions. There will be a $50 deposit for any key issuance and a Registery of Key Holders kept by JSW Secretary with the registry available upon inspection request. 

3. Any potential New Members that wish to be Key holders and have vehicle access for PWC development and training activities at Mangles Bay must firstly become Jet Sport West Club Members. 


Mangles Bay Personal Watercraft Gazette

Pedestrian Access

Closed Vehicle Access



The Department of Transport has restricted access to Mangles Bay Personal Watercraft Gazette due to constant vandalism and antisocial behaviour.



The Department of Transport has granted a restricted access Licence to the Australian Jet Sport Boating Association in conjunction with Jet Sport West during Daylight hours for their events and Training activities. 

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All those waters of Mangles Bay contained by lines commencing at 32°16.411'S, 115°41.925'E (on the foreshore east of the Garden Island Causeway); thence to 32°16.100'S, 115°42.018'E (approximately 590 metres along a line 45 metres offset from the edge of the causeway); thence to 32°16.101'S, 115°42.178'E (approximately 250 metres east); thence to 32°16.451'S, 115°42.066'E (on the foreshore approximately 670 metres south-south-west). All coordinates based on GDA 94.

For nearly 30 years Mangles Bay Personal Watercraft Gazette has been a World Class Facility for Personal Watercraft Sports Development. with 270 degrees of land coverage from Prevailing winds making water conditions perfect most of the year for Flatwater Closed Course Training and Development Activities.

There are a number of past and present Australian Champions that use this facility as their primary home base including

Brett Langford 2008 Australian Champion Amateur Ski Limited

Robert Minutello 2009 Australian Champion Amateur Lites

Kane Williams 2011 Australian Champion Junior Ski Lites & Limited

Zac Dowding 2012 Australian Champion Junior Ski Lites




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