Jet Sport West (JSW) is proactive in promoting safe and responsible use of Personal Water Crafts (PWC) in and around WA waterways. We strive to enhance awareness of safety issues for PWC users as they share alongside with our boating and fishing communities. JSW has always played a vital role in developing and assisting the Western Australian Government in the legislation now present in the Swan and Canning Rivers in the form of the "PWC Strategy Policy".

This strategy was a break-through for PWC users with the introduction of newly designated areas for PWC freestyling. JSW has helped Marine Police in managing issues stemming from irresponsible PWC use by promoting constant education of PWC users through its successful Courtesy Patrol Program. Jet Sport West provides PWC Courtesy Patrols each year to operate community safety patrols in Mindarie to Bunbury and throughout the Swan River educating PWC riders about WA's many marine and water safety rules.

JSW are important members of the Boating Industry Association of WA (BIA). We support the Marine industry wherever we can and are proactive in explaining issues when they come to the forefront of PWC use in Western Australia. JSW is often called upon to give expert views on issues that affect or will have an effect on PWC use. JSW are members of the State Boating Council (SBC). This Council is the peak body in relation to recreational boating issues throughout the state. The SBC is the peak body which Local Government turns to on issues relating to Recreational Boating.

After many years of lobbying the WA Government, and many hours spent by the JSW committee, the creation of a dedicated PWC ramp was finally achieved. The ramp is situated adjacent to the freestyle area west side of the Narrows Bridge. This ramp was made possible thanks to Jet Sport West, The Department of Transport, CALM, The City of South Perth, The Swan River Trust, and the Tribal Elders. JSW continues to pay for the annual maintenance of the ramp in an agreement with the Government.

Please support Jet Sport West by becoming a member, we will continue to fight for you and your PWC rights and endeavour to keep the South Perth boat ramp open to all PWC users.


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